Season 3 EP: 57 – Overcoming habitual sin


Have you ever found yourself repeatedly caught in the snare of the same sin? 
Perhaps, you’ve grappled with societal norms that challenge your Christian values? I’ve been there, tangled in a web of sin, struggling to break free. 

But believe me, it’s possible to overcome and I want to share with you how. This episode is a candid discussion about sin, its acknowledgment, understanding, and tools needed to conquer it. We’ll explore why sins such as premarital sex and masturbation are glamorized in society, making resistance a challenge, but remember, we all sin. The goal is to strive to live in sync with God’s teachings.

Navigating sin in relationships, particularly in our dating sphere is a precarious journey.  We’ll share practical strategies like dressing modestly and not serving alcohol at events, and how to list out areas of sin and seek accountability. Together, we’ll help each other tread the path away from sin. If you have questions or seek advice, reach out to us on our Instagram page for a private discussion. Let’s walk this path together, growing stronger and aligning more closely with God’s teachings.

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