Season 3 EP: 44 – Politics in church

Have you ever found yourself in the awkward situation where your pastor starts pushing political agendas instead of focusing on spiritual guidance? 

As we venture into this conversation, we’ll be unpacking my experiences and observations about this very situation. 
We’ll explore how the intermixing of politics within church congregations can sometimes cloud our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It’s a complex issue, with no easy answers, but together we’ll navigate the tricky path between faith and civic responsibilities.

In the second half of our talk, we shift our focus to the need for prayerful consideration when endorsing political candidates in church settings. 
Based on my journey and a prophetic dream I had about Trump’s first election victory, we’ll weigh the consequences versus the benefits of engaging God in our political decisions. 
We’ll also share some cautionary tales about churches that endorsed political candidates without thorough prayer and reflection. 
This is a hearty conversation about politics, religion, and the need for discernment and guidance from God in all our decisions. Tune in, let’s learn together.

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