Prayer For You, Your Family & Your Business

DAILY… I write declarations for my life, family and business!
Today I wanna share what I’m declaring and encourage you to do the same!
Yes, God can move without our declarations but you get to be a part of the solution your community needs:

 No virus shall come near me, anyone in my family or community

 Jesus is the answer to the corona virus and WILL give a creative solution to end this

 God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power, love & a sound mind

 Everywhere I go is a perfect health zone

 We have more than enough and will share what I have with my friends and neighbors

 The sick are healed now in Jesus name

 Supernatural provision to the world and no lost jobs, revenue or income

 More people come to Jesus and that we receive the wisdom of Jesus so that we can disciple them

 Peace covers the earth like a blanket

Business Owners – be sure to include your businesses and your clients!!!