How to Hear God Series Part 2: Reading The Bible To Hear God

In this episode, we’ll talk about the importance of knowing how to develop a more intimate relationship with God by reading the Bible in a way that allows you to be able to hear him and apply what he is saying to your everyday life. 

We’ll also dive into my initial struggles with finding the Bible boring and disconnected from my daily life, and how I came to connect with it intimately by talking to God directly and reading scriptures related to my current circumstances. T

Together, we’ll explore how to approach the Bible when feeling overwhelmed or anxious, and discuss how to find peace and understanding during times of transition.

 So join me for a powerful conversation that will inspire, challenge, and call you into a deeper relationship with God, and don’t forget to invite a friend to listen!

Important Links from the show

Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know. 

If you’d like a quick and free spiritual quiz assessment to understand why and how God gifted you what you have in life click here!

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