Season 3 EP: 49 – Waiting on God Isn’t Being Passive

Ever found yourself trapped in the midst of overwhelming circumstances, unsure of what action to take next? You’re not alone. 
We’ve all grappled with the concept of divine timing – that infuriating yet necessary act of waiting on God. It’s a struggle that’s as old as time, but today, we’re dissecting it layer by layer, getting under the skin of our primal urge to control situations. 
As we share personal stories and explore Google’s and Bible’s take on it, we’re set to challenge your understanding and help you find comfort in the wait.

But waiting isn’t just about staying idle. It’s a ripe time for preparation, a season to get spiritually, mentally, and emotionally ready for what’s coming. 
Hence, we’ll be delving into the idea of joining forces with God while waiting and how it can turn the tides in your favor. 
 This is more than a discussion – it’s an invitation to a journey of trust, patience, and preparation. Come, let’s find a way through the wait together.
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