#163 Should You Start A YouTube Channel?


Thinking about starting a YouTube Channel? Wondering if it’s actually worth your while with so many other video marketing platforms like TikTok exploding on the scene in 2022? If you answered yes, you’re in luck with today’s episode! 


Listen in as Keenya chats about just how lucrative YouTube can be for the content creator who is looking to not only leverage the power of SEO to grow their audience with ease but also to create a stream of passive income through the YouTube Ads program. 


You’ll also gain insight into: 


  • What it takes to start and maintain a YouTube Channel 
  • How you can double down on YouTube without doubling the time you spend on marketing your business in general
  • The kind of searchable content you can create to allow your ideal clients to easily find you 


You’ll walk away from this episode feeling inspired to leverage YouTube for yourself and with newfound insight into how the world’s most powerful video search engine can work wonders for your online business.