Season 3 EP: 43 – Should you pay to learn about God

Imagine the shock I experienced when I first met a prophet who charged for her spiritual teachings. 
It was akin to a spiritual soccer punch. But this encounter led me on a journey of acceptance, reshaping my beliefs about investing in religious education. 
You see, I’ve always assumed that if God wanted me to learn something, He would tell me directly. 
But as usual, life and its mysteries had other plans. 

Yes, it’s controversial and yes, it challenges the norm. We often expect spiritual education to be free. 
But why? 
Why devalue our spiritual growth when we willingly invest in enhancing our physical capabilities, intellect, and talents? It was through scripture, that I found guidance and understanding. God sometimes conceals a matter, and it is our responsibility to search it out. 
Investing in our spiritual education, much like any other form of enlightenment, is simply enhancing our connection with divinity. 
Join me as we challenge and reshape our beliefs together. 
We’ll be exploring my journey, revisiting my interactions with that prophet, and delving into the scriptures that gifted me wisdom. 
So, are you ready to redefine the value of your spiritual growth?

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Understanding your spiritual gifts is definitely one of the foundational things that every single Christian needs to know. 

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