#143 TikTok is The Most Popular Platform of 2022

There’s a lot we can learn from successful TikTok creators. Especially since the social media platform was recently crowned the single most popular platform of 2022. The opportunities for success on TikTok are practically endless, but it can take time and energy to become familiar with what it takes to grow, scale, and succeed on the platform. Today, Keenya walks listeners through a few steps to success on TikTok and shares important considerations for brands looking to leverage the platform.


You’ll gain insight into: 

  • Keenya’s thoughts on WHY TikTok became so popular
  • How and why brands are choosing to spend on TikTok
  • Tips & tricks to find growth on the platform
  • Keenya’s perspective on “TikTok culture”



You’ll walk away from this episode feeling inspired to leverage TikTok for yourself and with newfound insight into how the world’s most popular social media platform works.

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