The Creator Brand Personality

The Creator is an artist — someone who dreams up big ideas and does them their way. Their brand’s focus is to help people try new things in new ways. Their products are original and innovative, and they use their imagination to put a spin on their specific products. Creators desire to both be inspired and to inspire others. Their brand voice is visual, descriptive, and unique. They dislike traditionalism and strive to do things unconventionally. They give their audience a peek into their creative process behind the scenes and always encourage their people to embrace their individuality.  Mottos:
  • “If you can imagine it, it can be done.”
  • “I don’t think outside the box; I think about what I can do with the box.”
  • “I want to do what they can.”
  • To realize a vision
  • To express themselves
  • To promote individuality
  • To master their craft & hone their skills
  • To create beauty
  • Promotes self-expression and gives customers choices and options
  • Thrives in creative fields like marketing, the arts, or technological innovation
  • “Do it yourself and save money” approach
  • Customers have the time to be creative
  • Perfectionism
  • Impractical solutions
  • Lego
  • Sony
  • Crayola
  • YouTube
These brands all market products or services that encourage their users to be individual and to create. They use bright, attention-grabbing colors, and their advertisements give the viewer a feeling of inspiration and motivation to make something.  To learn more about how to utilize your specific brand archetype, click here to enroll in If We Brand It, our comprehensive personal branding course. Watch this on YouTube

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