EP: 198 The future of video marketing

If you’re gonna count down to eight, that may have felt long, but that’s really short. 

And what does that mean? 

That means if the data says you only got eight seconds to capture someone’s attention, then that means these 15, 20-minute, 30-minute live streams, we’re gonna have to start cutting those things down.

Even if you are reading this article, what’s happening in your brain is you want to do other things. 

You want to multitask. 

You may be listening to the podcast while driving and so you can’t do much. 

You’re like, “I’m gonna listen and I’m gonna drive this car”.

But you may be at home or at work multitasking. 

You may be watching or listening from your computer or multitasking on your phone. 

You’re doing it while you’re eating. 

There’s so much stuff you’re probably doing and that’s the same thing with everybody else.

And so it’s really important for us to understand what is happening right now. 

What the data is saying. 

And so because the data is saying that you’ve only got a short window of time to capture someone’s attention before they move on to something else, that means the future of video marketing is Short.Video marketing is here to stay, but it is definitely evolving over time. 

It is not like when we first started using live streaming on Periscope and then Facebook Live and Instagram. 

You definitely have to learn how to not only keep people’s attention, whether it’s long-form but also how to use the short-form.

And so this is where marketing is going. 

We are talking about the future of video marketing and where it is today and where it is going. 

Why it is still what needs to be done in order to have success in building your business online.

At this point, you know I have been live streaming pretty much since 2016 or 2017 when Periscope came out and I used to do what is called the Keenya Kelly Morning Show every single morning. 

That’s when I first became a full-time entrepreneur for the second time, and I realized that if I was going to build an audience and let people know who I was and what it is that I had to offer, then I had to show up in a way that was free, but also that I can reach a captive audience.

And so I was Live every morning on Periscope, and then Facebook Live came out, and then eventually Instagram Live came out. 

Now you’ve got Twitter Live, you’ve got LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, TikTok Live, and all the different places where you’re able to live stream. 

And so what I can say about Livestream is that it’s still not going anywhere.

It’s not going anywhere. 

However, I’ve talked about this before, that we have to think about what is happening with people.

And recent data says that the average person’s attention span is 8 to 11 seconds. Like, “think about that, 8 to 11 seconds”. 

The future of video marketing is short. 

Now, I’m not just saying that as a biased person who teaches TikTok, but I am saying, let’s look at the data. 

If you look at what Facebook looked like in 2020, what Instagram looked like, what YouTube looked like, what Pinterest looked like, and what they all look like in 2023, they look nothing like they used to. 

They’re so much short-form content that has happened to all these different platforms.

And this isn’t just so they can compete with TikTok. 

This is because the attention span of a person is short. 

And we have to keep people’s attention. 

So what am I saying? 

What I’m saying is that the future of video marketing is that you’re gonna have to learn.

I’ve said this back in 2020 when God told me to get on TikTok.

I said it in 2021, I said it in 2022, and I’m saying it now in 2023, that if you are going to build your business and can stay relevant and stay in front of your audience and stay marketing. 

You’re gonna have to learn how to use short-form video to capture your audience’s attention. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that what you used to do a full 30-minute live, or 10 minutes or whatever, you’ve gotta cut it down to 30 seconds.


What this means is that if we are normally doing 10-minute long videos or whatever and we’re talking about a lot of different things in 10 minutes. 

Just think about it, how much do you talk about in 10 minutes? 

You need to take little bite-size pieces of what you normally would do in a 10-minute video and turn it into 30 seconds.

Does that mean you’re gonna be amazing at it when you first start? 


You’re actually gonna be terrible or what I would say is “terrible”, which is terrible in French. 

So what I’m saying is that if you’re gonna have success this year and beyond with capturing your audience’s attention, you’re gonna have to learn the art of short-form video marketing.

And here’s what I also can tell you. 

You’re gonna love it. 

You’re gonna freaking love it. 

You’re gonna love that you can record 10 videos, ten, 30-second videos, and five minutes or 10 minutes or whatever. 

You’re gonna love that you can do that and that you’ve now got 10 pieces of content for 10 days versus having to be live for 10 days. 

You’re gonna be like, why didn’t I do this sooner? 

When you realize just how effective these short-form videos are.

It’s like I posted a video yesterday on YouTube shorts. I went to it today and it has like 1400 views on it. 

Another video I posted last week on YouTube shorts has 2,400 views on it.

I posted a video on TikTok and it has like 300,000 views on it.

These little short pieces of content.

But when I go back to my live streams, 200, and 300 taps on the live videos and on the long videos.

I still do my long ones because people still wanna search and read and watch and all this other stuff or whatever.

But I can capture people’s attention with these short pieces of content. 

Like personally, I’m watching my YouTube channel grow.

It’s because of the short content, people are coming in contact with me and they’re able to watch me get a glimpse of who I am, and what it is that I do through short-form video. 

So the future is short. 

It’s still a video, but it is short. 

Now, what does that mean by a short video?

You’re still gonna have to do a good job with your video.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not gonna be able to do these bootleg videos where there’s no lighting, there are no captions on screen, NO. 

You still gonna have to do good things with video. 

So let me explain what it looks like with a good video.

First of all, it looks like you look good.

You’ve thought about this, you don’t have like a booger in your nose or whatever. 

I recorded a video previously and we’re putting it up on a website. 

It was on the website and everything for like an hour. 

And I went to the video and was like, “is that a booger in my nose?” 

And I said, take it down. 

And I reshot that video so fast cause…

Clearly anyway. 

So it looks like you look good in your video.

You’ve thought about it, you’re glad to be there.

Two, your lighting is good, whether you have a ring light, an external light, or you have good lighting outside. 

Second of all, you have a great topic. 

Whatever it is you’re talking about, it’s great on a relevant topic for your audience. 

Next thing is it is short and to the point.

So for example, Let’s just say that I was gonna do a video about the future of video marketing.

I have to think about this video from the beginning, the middle, and the end. 

When I teach this, I’m always teaching my clients that when you’re creating short-form video, one of the arts of short-form video is creating what I call “Scroll-Stopping content”. 

Scroll- Stopping content, because people are scrolling on social and your content stops them from scrolling, scrolling, stopping content. 

And so how do you do that? 

Well, one, how the video looks in general.

Two, it’s your opening and we call that the hook. 

What are you saying in your words and the texts on the screen within the first seconds?

Not three seconds within the first second. 

Because that is what’s gonna stop people from scrolling. 

That means you have to think about it. 

You have to plan this. 

It doesn’t mean it has to be fully scripted, but it does mean that you plan this. 

And so in the beginning you have your opening hook and then you deliver based on whatever that hook is.

You keep them there and then you can make a call to action at the end. 

Your call to action could be, “be sure to like this video and subscribe”. 

It could be, “comment below”. 

It could be “follow me”. 

It could be “grab our free training in my bio”. 

It could be whatever your call to action is, but the inning is you’re wrapping it up and you’re giving it a call to action.

It’s just short and to the point. 

It’s like when I think about short-form videos, I think about Super Bowl Sunday. 

Like the moment that ad comes up on the screen, they got a second. 

Or you are gonna leave and go get some food, or you’re gonna go get a drink or you’re gonna go to the bathroom.

But if something that you’re doing in that first second is capturing them, they ain’t going nowhere. 

That’s the same with short-form videos, the same as it pertains to scroll-stopping content. 

So if you are going to be able to have success on video this year and beyond, you’re gonna have to master the art of short-form video.

Now, if you need help with mastering the Art of short-form video, listen, you know me, this is what I do and this is how I help people. 

I would be honored to help you, so we have the option of you working with me one-on-one.  

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Facebook reels are gonna make it so easy because you’re learning the features in TikTok. 

Then I teach you how to market, on TikTok and short-form videos. 

I will teach you how to sell. 

I teach you how to attract brands to you so that they will come and work with you. 

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I hope you have enjoyed this article.

If you have questions about this, be sure to come and connect with me, I will be honored to assist you.