The Magician Brand Personality

Anything is possible through a Magician’s eyes! These types of brands have lofty goals and an intense faith that they CAN and they WILL achieve those goals. They are inventive and inspirational, telling their people that what they have to offer will transform their lives. Magicians know what their vision is, and they live by it. They have super strong clarity on what their message is and what they can give to their customers. They create their own trends, but also know and utilize existing trends. Magicians often use spiritual and emotional elements in their language and create a mysterious magic around their brand. Mottos:
  • “I make things happen.”
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
  • “Wonders never cease.”
  • To make dreams come true
  • To be set apart, on the cutting edge, thinking outside the box
  • Promises to transform customers
  • Product or service is transformative
  • Consciousness-expanding
  • User-friendly, contemporary
  • Spiritual connotations
  • Can become manipulative through emotions or spirituality
  • Disney
  • Olay
  • Lululemon
  • Dyson
  • TED (talks)
  • Tesla
These companies have taken existing things and transformed them into completely new, cutting-edge experiences — Dyson reinvented the entire shape and technology of blow dryers and Tesla took the entire engine out of their cars and made them electric instead! Many of these companies have charismatic and unique spokespeople, and they all have a special something to offer their consumers that no other competitor does. To learn more about how to utilize your specific brand archetype, click here to enroll in If We Brand It, our comprehensive personal branding course. Watch this on Youtube

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