The Viral Effect: Is it Necessary for your Business?

The idea of going viral is something that most business owners dream could happen to their videos.

But is going viral all that it seems to be?

Today, I want to give you 3 reasons why going viral is a benefit for your business and three reasons why it is not.

Our company focuses on teaching women how to build online businesses and use video marketing strategies to create an online community, generate leads and increase revenue organically.

Over the years when some of our clients go, they have incredible while others wish that they could hide and never go viral ever again.

3 reasons why I think that going viral is a benefit for your business:
  • You will reach an entirely new audience of people.

  When your content starts to go viral you not only reach the people that already know and love you 

and your brand but you reach millions of other people that never could have known you existed without that virality. 

  • Your products will sell out.

Oftentimes this will cause whatever product or service you are promoting in that video to explode and even sell out.  I have watched products sell out globally all because one video hit over 10 million views.

  •  The viral piece of content is a blueprint for all of your next content.

Once you were able to have a piece of content go viral for your business, now you have an idea of what type of content works really well for your brand. So now you can start recreating content to match that initial video or you can start testing other ways to create content to go viral based upon what worked well in that particular piece of content.

3 reasons why I think that going viral is a not benefit for your business:
  •  It’s hard to duplicate!

 I have seen so many business owners go viral and change their entire companies and hire a lot of people with the expectation that they will be able to recreate having so many people know about their product or service that they went out of business because they were not able to go viral again.

  •  You could go viral for the wrong reasons.

We have all seen companies going viral on platforms like tiktok for being canceled. Because someone doesn’t like an experience that they have with the product or with a member of your team that is completely out of your control.

  •  Your company is not able to handle thousands of orders.

 The Oprah effect is very real! This is where Oprah talks about your product or service or of course you go viral and thousands of people start ordering your product all of a sudden you don’t really have your processes down to handle thousands of orders. What we have seen over the years is that many companies go under because they just couldn’t handle the success of people knowing about the product or the company.

Whether you are on the side of wanting to go viral or not wanting to go viral it’s really important to consider all of these different factors as you start creating videos on social media platforms especially using short form video.

If you want to learn how to actually start creating content that has viral potential then I would love to be able to serve you. 

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