Tiktok & Reels: What’s Holding You Back?

Last week I asked you to tell me what was keeping you from using Tiktok and Reels to build your business and the overwhelming majority of you said: “Because I honestly do not know what I am doing.” I can totally relate! 5 Months ago I had no idea what I was doing on Tiktok and Reels wasn’t even a thing. I had to throw myself on Tiktok and watch tutorials from the marketers on the platform and mess it all the way up. Click here to watch one of my very first Tiktok videos (Jesus please strike them down if they share this with anyone!) Just kidding about my witchcraft prayer to Jesus, but please don’t share that. “The Girls” are exposed and I trust you all because we are REAL FRIENDS! My point is that I had to make MAJOR shifts to my business and marketing strategy since February, but the pay off has been INSANE!!! Last week I told you I had 68,000 followers on Tiktok, now 6 days later we are at 71,220. Thats over 3000 new followers in 6 days!!! CRAZY!!! Now that Tiktok USA has been sold to a US based company the threat of the data breach is over and you can feel safe on the platform…. I also decided to create a very EASY low cost course to teach you how to use Tiktok and Reels for only $20!!! Here is how you can find the courses. Reels Course Tiktok Course

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