TikTok Vs Reels: What’s the Difference?

With all the drama that’s been surrounding TikTok as of late, it’s no surprise that other companies would take advantage of the opportunity to mimic its success. Most notably, Instagram has just recently introduced Reels to its features. Reels, like TikTok, allows users to create and post short clips, and offers a variety of effects and audios as well. So what’s the difference? Today, I’m here to help you distinguish between the two. Many users enjoy the fact that Reels allows them to express their creativity in a new way. But if you’re an entrepreneur like me, it’s important to see Reels as what it is: a business tool. Luckily for you, for a limited time only, I’m offering a brand new mini course, Reels for Beginners! This course is perfect for you business owners out there who are ready to use Reels as a way to boost your revenue.    1. Into the Unknown While TikTok currently is more widely known than the newer Reels, its popularity may soon be a thing of the past. As most of you may know, President Trump has threatened to ban TikTok in the US due to privacy concerns. What this means for creators on TikTok without an established following on other platforms is that they will have to start from scratch. Never make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket! Both apps have their own merits, but I would suggest hopping on the Reels train before TikTok’s shutdown causes an inflow of new creators. Getting a head start on building your Reels following ensures that you won’t have to compete with a huge wave of creators should the TikTok ban go into effect.    2. From the Ground Up One bonus about Reels over TikTok is that it does not require you to start from scratch. Every Reels clip you post will be broadcasted to the following you already have on Instagram, while TikTok requires you to make an account to post. Because Reels is an extension of Instagram rather than its own standalone app, getting rid of the need to log-in somewhere else allows you to manage your content in one place.    3. Across Generations It would be nothing but the truth to say that TikTok is a Gen Z-dominated app. According to Forbes, users aged 16-24 years old make up a whopping 42% of TikTok’s audience, while Instagram enjoys a much more diverse base. Perhaps it may be because many of the younger generation has migrated to TikTok, but only 27.3% of Instagram’s users are under 24 years old, while users aged 25 and older make up 72.7% of the app. Unless your business is marketed towards teens and young adults, this is an important distinction to note, in order to make sure you are advertising to the right audience.   Any further questions? I’m here to help! Don’t forget, for a limited time only, I’m offering a course to help YOU take your business to the next level. This deal ends soon, so make sure to enroll on Reels for Beginners now!  

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