Top 7 Favorite Moments of Marketing Impact Live

What an amazing weekend we had in Irvine, California with Chalene Johnson and Team. Personally, I wasn’t sure what to expect by attending this event for the first time, but I knew that if the event was anything like the academy and Chalene on livestream, I was going to be in for a treat.

Today I want to share with you guys my Top 7 Fav Moments of MIA LIVE


I knew that Chalene loved music and will break out in song at any moment while training, but I had no idea she was this much fun. Not to mention, she put us all to shame as she danced the night away in heels.

I tried doing the wobble in 1 inch and was out 2 minutes into the song. I officially lost my black card because of it.

You see the thing with Chalene that I gathered this weekend is that, she understands that you can not be all work and no play. We build our businesses to have time and financial freedom to do the things that we love to do, and for me, this moment of the VIP Dance Party reminded me that THIS is why we work so hard.


I’ve listened to Pat on his Smart Passive Income Podcast, but I never imagine that he would rock the stage the way that he did at MIA. Now, I love to dance and I love it when a speaker isn’t afraid to show us their moves, Pat did JUST THAT!

He started his session rocking out to the new Justin Timberlake and a hint of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. LOL

He went on to share his family background, how he met his wife and his A HA moment of when he knew that he was an entrepreneur. Honestly, Pat was my favorite speaker of the weekend. I really enjoy hearing about the success of others, but I REALLY love hearing the story of someone, that against all odds persevered and created an amazing life for himself and his family. It honestly reminded me of why I am doing what I am doing and to keep going because my time will come.

3. Nicole Walters & Her Exfoliated Skin

Nicole was the most amazing emcee ever. From beginning to the end, she introduced you to her flawless eyebrows, exfoliated skin, the success she recently had with losing 60 pounds and then her infamous wigs. LOL

It was amazing listening to all of the chatter in the halls as women were mesmerized at how amazing Nicole’s skin was and how attention grabbing she was the moment she hit the stage. I was hoping that Nicole would take the stage and teach, but her mere presence each moment of the day was absolutely a highlight for me.

4. Kim Garst

OMG!!! When Chalene announced that Kim Garst was taking the stage I was in total SHOCK!!! I’ve been following Kim for a few years now and had NO IDEA that she was going to be teaching at MIA. Not only that, the #1 thing that I told myself I was going to dive into in 2018, was Messenger Bots and Kim ROCKED IT!!! It was so awesome that she not only taught from the stage, but she walked us step by step using the messenger apps and getting us setup for success using the FREE tool. I honestly, I had a girl crush moment, but decided to back back and give her some space. LOL

5. Flossing with Brock

NOW THIS!!!!! I wish I had footage of all of the attendees trying to do this dance move, but I am certain so many of us were glad the camera didn’t pan to us. Brock was an absolute hoot. He smashed his stage presentations hands down, but THIS had the whole crowd moving. You had people with a whole lot of rhythm and folks that could barely sway on beat doing this lively dance to actual music. LOL

Now that I think about it, Chalene dances like a Beyonce backup dancer, it just makes perfect sense that Brock with “have the moves like jagger.”

6. Networking

I thought this Networking Board was the coolest idea and the many opportunities we  had to meet new people, interact and really connect on a deeper level. I’ll admit the first day when we were asked to move away from friends and connect with new people, I was extremely hesitant because I was nervous, but everyone made it so easy. I think I had conversations with 50-75 people intentionally over the course of 3 days, I intentionally ate lunch with a group of 4 ladies that I didn’t know and we made the most amazing connection. Business wise, I felt like I didn’t have to attend another conference all year long because I had more than enough people to truly connect with.

For me, I brought hundreds of post cards about my business and replenished the board every few hours with my cards. I was so grateful that people were taking me home with them to connect later.


Now of course I wanted to put this down as my #1 Favorite moment, but I figured I would take a stab at being humble and put it last. LOL BUT YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I wanted to run down the aisles as if I was on the price is right! I was blessed to submit my income testimonial regarding the success I have had as a result of enrolling in Marketing Impact Academy. Not only was I able to give a recorded testimonial, but the team featured my name and photo on the screen while sharing my success. Im sure this was an accident, but I ended up staying on the screen for over 10 MINUTES. Now I don’t know about you guys, but to me this was the equivalent of having a commercial on Superbowl Sunday but it was FREEE, all it cost me was the work I put into implementing the strategies from MIA!

I wanted to call home and say MOMMA I MADE IT, but instead I jus blasted social media with it.

Now outside of all of my 7 unique moments, I would have to say that this conference was one of the BEST conferences I have ever attended. I’ve never been to an event where the focus was REALLY ABOUT US!! It really felt like Team Johnson not only cared to teach us the systems for success, but they cared about our mental, physical and emotional health. I was so blown away by that and have made decisions to change a few things up in my life to take care of those areas they were passionate about.

If you’re considering taking the Marketing Impact Academy… DO IT! I have been able to earn over $200,000 as a result of implementing their strategies and I plan to revisit the academy this weekend so that I can quadruple that number by the end of this year. Chalene and her team are not only teaching what they know, but every single day I see them do what they are teaching.

I can’t wait for next years event…. my hope is that I will not only be a success story, but a trainer from the stage.


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