Ultimate TikTok Checklist Before You Film

This is the ultimate checklist for TikTok if you want to grow your business.

In this blog, I’m gonna give you point by point of all the things you wanna have in place right before you film a video for TikTok.

First, you want to check your background for clutter because oftentimes when you film a video on TikTok and if your background is not clear or there are a lot of things going on, people will start getting distracted by what is happening in your video.

And you really want people focused on you and focus on the content.

So what I recommend you do is set up your phone, your camera, and then have it in selfie mode. 

And then when you see yourself on camera before you ever hit record, just start looking around. 

What I would do is I would kind of set things up and then start looking where I can look at my background on camera to make sure everything looks the way I want it to look, and then it’s time to film.

The second thing is you wanna have your hook. 

You wanna have that attention-grabbing thing that is going to stop the scroll. 

Now, let me explain. 

When people are on TikTok, they’re scrolling. 

They’re scrolling the feed before you feed to be entertained. 

And so if you want people to stop what they’re doing, stop the scrolling pattern, and actually watch your video then this is about your opening hook.

And so your opening hook is gonna do so much for you, not just what you say, but also could be the text on the screen. 

Oftentimes when I’m recording a video on TikTok, I have my hook that I say and also text on screen, which helps stop the scroll. 

This is why you see some creators who are just blowing up and going viral over and over again because something immediate in what they said or text on screen has stopped people from scrolling along to somebody else.

And the third thing is kind of obvious, but you wanna make sure that your camera lens is free from any kind of film or grease. 

Oftentimes we have our phones in our pockets or in our purses, or we’ve just been holding them and we don’t really realize that our camera roll actually has something over it.

And so a lot of times what we do is we just take the ends of our shirt to quickly clean the camera lens.

 And so that way your camera lens is free from whatever. 

Sometimes people don’t even realize this has happened until they have filmed it and then they’re like, “I’ve recorded this awesome video”.

And they’re like, “well, now you gotta film it again”. 

So make sure you check that.

Fourth, you wanna know what your call to action is. 

Now, you wanna know this before you ever start writing anything because the call to action is the goal for you, especially as a business.

You’re probably wanting somebody to buy something, link something, or follow.

And so you gotta know before you have your hook and what you’re doing in your video, what is going to be your call to action at the end of the video?

Yours could be “click the link on my bio”. 

It could be “grab my training”. 

It could be “follow me” or “comment below”. 

But know what it is before you start to film.

And the last thing is to know why somebody should watch a video from start to finish. 

The last thing you’re gonna wanna do is just be filming and you’re talking and talking.

Nobody really wants to watch a video when they feel like they have no idea what’s going on or where this video is going to end.

We all want to know what is happening? What can I expect? 

And I wanna watch it and I’ll watch it all the way through. 

But if you don’t know that, then people are watching your videos, they’re gonna be like, “what is going on”? 

And that’s not really the experience you want people to have with your video. 

Make sure you know what your ending is going to be.

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