EP: 234 Using Content to Attract Your Ideal Customer

I don’t always love creating content. I just don’t. 

And you know that I am brutally honest. 

I just don’t always enjoy creating podcasts, YouTube, and short video content or emails. 

I don’t always enjoy doing all of that to build my business. 

But one of the things that I have learned over the years of having a business is that when I am creating content regularly and I’m putting it out to the world, that is letting new and existing people who know that I exist, come to me and want to work with me or come into my sphere.

So today, I am going to tell you why you should be using content to attract your ideal customer. 

Nobody wants to stay creating content all the time, but for us to be able to build a business and do it as much as possible organically, one of the ways we have to do it is by creating content.

Don’t get me wrong but I have plenty of people that I know that do not market their businesses on social media, and they’re doing great. 

Plenty of people that I know that are having multiple seven and eight-figure businesses and their social media is pretty much at zero. 

But I am talking to the person who wants to use social media to attract their ideal customers and you want to do it organically.

So when it comes to reaching your target customer, If you’re trying to use social media to do that, then to attract your ideal customer you have to be creating content that is going to reach them, that is going to connect and interest them in what you are offering.

Now, what could that look like? That could look like a YouTube video, a podcast, TikTok videos, or Instagram, maybe a live stream. 

It could be whatever it is that you want to be.

But different avenues are out there to be able to create content to reach your ideal customer.

And many times people will say to me, well, but I’m not reaching them. I’m putting stuff out there and nobody’s engaging. 

Well, one of the things that, you know, most people do not want to hear is that oftentimes if we’re putting content out there that nobody’s engaging with or interested in, it’s because it’s kind of like lazy content.

It’s not strategic. It’s not intentional. 

You must be very strategic and intentional with every single piece of content.

And if you’re new or want to get restarted in this, then here is what you need to do.

1. The first thing is that you have to choose which platform you are going to focus on to reach your ideal client.

So you want to decide which is going to be the one or maybe two platforms that you’re going to focus on to grow and reach your ideal customer.

2. Once you choose that one, then you have to go and write out the profile of the person you’re trying to attract. 

Who are they? Do they have a specific race or gender? Are they married? Are they single? Do they have kids? Do they fight for justice type people? 

Just all the different potential things about the people that you are trying to attract to your content. 

Get to know all about them, what their struggles are, what they want to accomplish, and even the things that they enjoy.

Then once you start creating content, you’re going to be creating things specifically for that people. 

So my content is directed towards people who want to use video to grow their businesses using social media.

These are people who have some level of business, they are not people who don’t have an idea of their business.

They have already started, but they need more intentional and strategic help as it pertains to video and social media marketing. 

When we’re creating content, we want to reach that particular person or group of people so that we can serve and attract them to the products and services we offer as a brand.

3. After identifying all that, then you have to go out on social media and look at people that are in your niche. 

Watch who is doing it and doing it extremely well. 

That is going to give you a framework of what you could be doing with your particular content.

So I see so many people that teach social media and instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I am constantly all over their accounts, seeing what they’re doing.

Not copying but looking at it and getting my own ideas. 

4. The next thing you want now is to actually create content that will connect to your target customer.

You’ve got to learn how to create great and strategic content that can reach your audience. 

Get people to take action with you. 

So that is the strategy and sales part of creating video content to reach.

To reach a target audience. 

And what does all that look like?

If you want something specifically, then, I have a course, which is called the vertical video mastery course that teaches you all the strategies for building your business and using social media and video.

It focuses on Instagram reels, TikTok, Facebook reels, and YouTube shorts. 

If that interests you, you can go to the vertical video mastery course by just clicking here: https://verticalvideomasterycourse.com/ 

You can take it and then you can learn all the different strategies.

5. Now, ultimately what you’ve got to do is you’ve just got to create content that is going to resonate with your right people strategically and get them to take action.

You’re not trying to get a bunch of followers. 

You’re not trying to go viral, you are trying to sell your products and services. 

You’re trying to generate leads so you can nurture those relationships. 

So when you’re coming up with this content strategy, you’ve got to be coming up with the strategy that is going to help you convert.

I love the trends although I rarely ever post things like that, but I do it sometimes.

But 99.9% of my content is going to be targeting my ideal customers, helping them with the issues that they have, and then drawing them to my products and services

So if that is your goal, then that is a strategy that you have to implement. 

Now. If you’re feeling stuck, send me a message and let me see how I can help you. 

Whether it is our course or whether there’s a quick question, or working together with consulting.

You can reach out to me easily by just sending a message here: https://keenyakelly.com/contact-us/ 


Finally, I want you to start implementing the things that I talked about in this article

I hope you have found this valuable.

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.