What Does Forgiveness Look Like

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult practices in our lives and yet one of the most powerful tools we have as well.It’s also such an integral aspect of faith, and a goal every person of faith should strive to achieve in all walks of life.

It takes a lot of faith to forgive those who hurt us or even continue hurting us. From friendships to romantic partnerships, every relationship can be strengthened by way of forgiveness. Without forgiveness, the traumas of childhood can carry over into the adult years, causing further grief.

If you’re dealing with a difficult person in your life I urge you to do the work for you to be able to forgive that person. Not only will this free you from how you’re feeling but it brings you closer to faith and strengthens your resilience. In this weeks episode I share personal stories around forgiving those in my life who had hurt me. 

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