EP: 224 What keeps your customer from buying

Can’t figure out why your followers aren’t converting to customers on social media? Well, this episode  is guaranteed to shed some light on the matter. 

With a focus on ten potential stumbling blocks – from clumsy return policies to restrictive payment options – we dive into the nitty-gritty details that might be holding your social media sales back. 

But don’t rush into making changes just yet. Soak in the insights, then consider how you can tweak your approach to woo those elusive customers.

Our conversation pivots to the essentials – fast shipping, responsive customer service, and transparent pricing. It’s a dream trifecta for online shoppers, and if you’re lacking in any of these areas, you might be pushing customers away. 

We pinpoint how delayed deliveries, sluggish support, and hidden costs can make customers abandon ship. Plus, we don’t forget the importance of a well-oiled checkout process, and the potent influence of positive (and negative) reviews.

Check out this episode today and start using your best social media platform to build a community!

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