Season 3 EP: 39 – When you’ve been hurt at church

Ever been wounded in a place that’s supposed to be a sanctuary? 

Heartache within the pews is real, and it’s something I have grappled with firsthand.

 Church hurt is a complex, misunderstood phenomena that I’ll be unpacking across this discussion, touching on its definition, effects, and the different ways it emotionally scars us. 

Sharing my personal journey, I’ll delve into encounters with betrayal, feeling undervalued, and the ultimate road to healing these wounds. 

Our relationship with God and our fellow believers can be strained by such experiences – but it can also mature and deepen if we navigate this hurt adeptly.

Shedding light on the shadows of my own church hurt, I’ll share what I’ve learned from these tough encounters, and how they have shaped my perspective on self-care and forgiveness. 

We’ll discuss the role of these two aspects in overcoming painful experiences and moving forward. God calls us to forgive, but how do we do so when the pain runs so deep? 

And how vital is self-care in the midst of such trials? 

Join me as we traverse this sensitive topic, unravelling insights and tips to guide you through your own experiences with church hurt.

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