Why hasn’t that prophetic word come to pass yet

Have you ever gotten a prophetic word and you’re like, YES! 

God says I am gonna have this, or this is gonna happen to me, and you’re like seven years later and it still hasn’t come to pass, and you’re like, “False prophet!”

You’re having all these emotions about people. 

Well, listen, I completely understand. I have so many prophet prophetic words that I have received over the years that still have yet to come to pass. 

And today I just wanna walk you through how I process it. 

In this blog, we’re talking about prophetic words and when they don’t come to pass.

So I have these moments with God when I’m just like, Where are You? 

I thought you said that this was gonna happen, and I thought you said that this was gonna happen. 

And honestly, sometimes I just get very, very angry and frustrated. 

But I also just have to bring myself back down the earth.

Because some of these words that I got came from people that said, whatever it was they said, that they felt like God was saying and He could or could not have been saying it.

I’ll give you an example. 

So one time somebody asked me to come out to whatever town it was, I flew out there and they had a bunch of people.

They were at their house and they were like praying and laying hands and prophesying and all this stuff.

And while I’m sitting there, they just kind of start prophesying over me. 

The person did and she’s prophesying all this stuff and I’m like recording all this stuff that she’s saying and some of it just seems really farfetched.

Because it had dates and all this stuff on it, I was like, “wow, this person is so accurate.”

Honey, that time and comin’ went,

It was like, “you’re gonna meet a man and you’re gonna meet him July of next year and you guys are gonna have these kids.” 

And I was like, wait, wait, wait. 

Now, this was like after I got divorced. 

So I’m like, I could see if she was like prophesying like right around that time when I was like dating my ex or whatever.

But, mmm. 

But I believed it!

You know because it was like, you just believe it. 

Those things did not come to pass.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be anybody. 

It just meant that she said specifics, date, time, and all that didn’t happen. 

But also I have had other prophetic words, where a girl comes to me and said that God says that “your business is about to explore this summer”. 

I don’t even see it. 

I don’t even see the possibility of that. 

And kaboom!

My business exploded that summer. 

And so that was super accurate and it came to pass. 

But what do we do when we have these words and we feel we’ve got them and we feel like they were confirmed and they were like hard confirmations?

You may have had a dream or a vision, and you really, really know that you heard God about it 

But what do we do with it? 

Well, my honest answer is I don’t know. 

And so what do we do when a word has not come to pass?

That is the answer that I feel like I potentially have and I’ll just kind of share myself and what I’m doing with the words that I’ve received and then have not come to pass yet. 

So one of the words that I have received has been in regards to remarriage or whatever.

And not to say that I was ready to remarry as soon as I left my ex.

I mean, No, I wanted to go on a healing journey. 

I just did. 

We’re going on eight years now since I’ve been divorced.

So I’ve been divorced, and I have watched all these people get married, get divorced, get remarried, get re-divorced, get married again.

And I’m just like, “that’s a whole lot of people”.

It’s like, what’s going on? 

As I find myself in the comparison game of, “well, why is it happening for them?” 

Why is everybody proposing to them and all this stuff? 

And you know, what I have and am continuously processing is, “Okay, here’s what God has said.”

Here is where I am, right? 

I’m holding up two different hands, one hand is on the left and one hand is on the right.

Here’s what God said on the left, and here is what’s currently happening on the right and in the middle, I don’t even see how the left and the right are going.

And let’s just talk about the remarriage part. 

What I have been doing and processing and saying to myself is, every time that I walk through a different stage in my life, I am like, “Would this have been better by myself or better or easier or harder or whatever with someone?” 

So for example, I was for years focusing on getting making my credit better.

Because for the longest time, I just had super bad credit.

I mean, just super, super, super bad credit.

And a couple of months ago I was looking at my credit score and I was like, “Oh, wow, look at my credit score.”

Go Keenya, go you!

And I said to myself, “would I have loved to have gone through this process with someone or without them?”

I’m really glad I did this without them because it’s kind of embarrassing when you have like super bad credit because of your own choices. 

That’s embarrassing!

I would tell a dude, whatever, you know what I mean? But it was like certain things I can unpack and like myself.

And then when I think about my healing journey that I’ve been on healing from divorce, healing my childhood and all. 

And I think about some of the really hard, hard times that I’ve had in therapy for weeks and months and months. 

Coming out of that, I’m like, “Am I healing better without a person, or would’ve been better with a person?”

And my honest, honest thing is without ’em because there’s nobody in my house. 

I can cry and wail and be angry and be whatever.

And there’s nobody there that can hear or bit of shame.

It’s like, I can do this.

And right now I’m navigating the health journey of the fibroids of my uterus and the system of ovaries.

And as I’m navigating that right now, I am saying to myself, “Am I glad that I’m doing this without a significant other, or whether I had rather done this with a significant other.” 

And I have two feelings. 

One feeling is I would love to have had somebody that just be there with me with each appointment and that I can be when I have surgery.

Just can be there with me through this journey or whatever. 

But also the part of me is like, “but I would love to have like already gone through the journey, been in the healing physical process, and then meet somebody.”

There’s a part of me that’s like, I would rather have gone through this painful journey or whatever, not in a relationship.

Because the only person I have to think about is me. 

I don’t have to think about him. 


It’s just me and my cats that’s it. 

And then when I think about what God has told me about finances and my influence, it all sounds good and whatever, but I’m like, “Am I glad God didn’t give me $10 million in my checking account?”

But a part of me is like, “Hey, if I had 10 million in my accounts, I could have all the different people that I wanna have on my company and all this different stuff.”

But also with $10 million, there comes $10 million of business knowledge, experience, and understanding of taxes and working with the right people, and having a level of understanding of all these things.

So, the optimistic side of me is, there are these words that God has given me and He has invited me on a journey of, “Can you trust Me?” 

Sometimes, “No, I don’t trust You.”

I’m laughing, but I’m being serious. 

Sometimes I’m like, “No, I don’t trust You.”

I don’t trust You with this, I have been believing and trusting and You’re not coming through. 

I just don’t, I don’t, I just don’t. 

And then sometimes I’m like, “I do trust You.” 

You have proven this and this and this and this and this. 

You have proven trustworthy. 

So I need to be able to believe that You can be trusted with this.

What do you do when you’ve got a prophetic word? 

And it still hasn’t come to pass yet? 

The religious answer would be Trust God which is it’s biblical, but my empathetic heart says, to Talk to God because it’s easy to trust Him when it’s something that you’ve already seen before.

A lot of times we have these prophetic words of things we have not seen before. 

Big things or whatever things we really, really hope for.

When it’s that big and it’s taken forever to come to paths, it’s really, really hard to trust. 

And so what I have been doing, what I am doing is I’m talking to God.

When I’m like, “Oh God, I need you to heal my body from what I’m dealing with and the way I want you to heal me.”

“God, I am believing and saving myself for marriage, remarriage, and da da da da.” 

I just have to talk to Him and, I feel like I habit on this journey of mastering friendship with God. 

And when I think about what that looks like, friendship with God for me is being able to tell Him what I’m thinking no matter what it is. 

And no matter how many times I’ve told Him. 

So like my best friend, if she comes to me with a situation and she’s come to me about it multiple times.

And that’s my best friend. 

And we always talk about it together. 

As long as it’s not annoying the crap outta me or whatever, we will continuously talk about it. 

Coz that’s my friend!

And that’s just what we do.

And so when I think about it with God, I’m always like, “Okay, if He’s my best friend, much better than my best friend, then that means I can talk to Him about all of this”.

He is not annoyed with me that I keep coming to Him with it, that He is actually happy.

That I’m coming to Him with it because we’re not just friends, He’s God the father. 

And so fathers don’t typically get annoyed that we keep coming to them. 

Fathers typically are glad you’re coming. 

And so that’s my answer. 

When you have a word that has yet to come to pass, Yes, trust God, but talk to Him. 

Get His perspective. Get His mindset on it. Get His vision for it. 

Ask Him what is it that he wants you to know about that word that you don’t know. 

Ask Him, is there anything you need to be doing?

That continues the journey of that word.

So me not getting remarried to somebody random, just to say that I’m married is the continuation of having a good husband, a good marriage.

I gotta stay on that journey in that  and stay close to God

And not just be willy-nilly doing whatever it is I wanna do.

That’s it for this episode.

I know it’s short, but I hope you found it valuable. 

You know, we’re all navigating our relationship with God and we’re navigating it together. 

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