Why Is Video Marketing Hard?

Choosing to hit that infamous red button that says GO LIVE is probably one of the scariest things new entrepreneurs face on a regular basis. To go live means that you are willingly placing yourself in front of an audience of people that can not only say anything while you are live, but that you could mess up or God forbid you could FAINT while you are live. LOL

But in all seriousness, I want to talk to you about some of the reasons I think entrepreneurs find it hard to use video marketing more.

  1. Lack of Confidence. To get in front of a camera, speak to people either live or pre-recorded puts you in a place where not only do you lack control of how people are doing to perceive you, what happens to the content after its released but it also places you in the awkward space of potentially being rejected or ridiculed.
  2. Perfectionism. Often times those that are use to having things perfect before they start, never jump on video. Video has the potential of being extremely messy, especially live video and if you are a typical perfectionist there is no way to be perfect LIVE!
  3. Don’t understand the value. Video marketing is the #1 way for people to like, know and trust you, which is necessary for sales growth. A lack of understanding the power of video marketing would absolutely keep a person from doing it daily.

What is my solution?


When I launched my business in 2016 we built a massive online audience through livestream. No one knew I existed prior to livestream, but as of today many of the major influencers out there have heard of me all because even with bullet points 1-3, I jumped on live video and was willing to risk it all.