#194 Why TikTok Is Making Certain Brands Go Viral

So TikTok is making certain brands go viral?

That is what is happening and has come out since all of this new having to share with the whole world and the US government what is going on with TikTok. 

And it is official that there is a thing on TikTok now called the heat button that everyone is talking about in the marketing world and it is on every single website known to man.

It’s always been there for them as a corporation but we are learning about it.

It’s all this disclosure that has had to come out with TikTok. 

So when I heard this and when I started reading all the articles about all this, my initial feeling was okay.

I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t surprised.

I think that the more that I had posted about this on TikTok and invited my community to engage with me, I think that a lot of people are very upset and very frustrated and it’s just more of the, the stuff was just coming out.

Because I know TikTok had a big problem with its algorithm but it was programmed to favor certain types of people.

Certain races of people, body types, age, and all that type of stuff.

It was programmed algorithmically to do certain things and so many people have been so upset about it.

And back in 2020, I think TikTok actually got sued because of some things.

I don’t know all the details, but I’m pretty sure TikTok got sued about some of that. 

And so now, with it all coming out, there is this thing called the heat button, and they can press a button and make certain brands go viral. 

They can make certain content creators go viral.

I think it’s just upsetting people, even more, but I wanted to talk about it just shortly, just about it as a business. 

When I think about it as a business, not as a person that creates content. 

If TikTok for example, in 2020, a lot of us that are in the older generation, came over to TikTok because we were all bored in the house and we were like quarantine, covid and all that type of stuff.

And so TikTok then got this huge amount of people that came to the app that were not normally there. 

And with that, there was this opportunity for advertising or advertisers. 

There’s this opportunity for TikTok to make more money than they’ve ever made. 

But they had some issues and one of the major issues that they had was businesses and brands were looking at this app.

These dancing teenagers are not our target audience. 

“This is not what we wanna do.”

“Why would we spend money here?”

And so I think that one of the reasons why TikTok started doing this for brands is to show them the power of TikTok.

To show people the power of TikTok.

So for example, I’m not saying this happened with this particular company, but I’m just gonna give you an example. 

So my example is Chipotle. 

Let’s just say that TikTok has been caught in Chipotle trying to get Chipotle to come and advertise on TikTok.

And Chipotle is like, No we’re not doing that.

And then TikTok can have a conversation with Chipotle and go, listen, if you spend X amount of dollars with us, not only will you pay and you’ll get what you pay for. 

But we’re also gonna make some of your videos go viral. 

And so that way you can see the power of what happens when a video goes viral on TikTok.

And I could see a brand saying, yeah, I will pay 10,000, 20,000, whatever the number is to advertise and to also experience what happens when you go viral on TikTok. 

And I could see a brand exploding on TikTok and being, Oh, I didn’t realize that this is what could happen as a result of going viral on the TikTok platform.

And so I could see it’s in Tiktok’s best interest, and do something like that. 

This also reminds me of why they would do it to certain creators. 

Because if you bring a ton of people to a platform and everybody is going, they’re going viral and they’re telling everybody all about TikTok, then guess what?

That’s gonna attract more people and more people and more people to the platform because of the virality of what’s happening to people when they come on TikTok. 

Now do I think that it’s unethical? 

No, I don’t think so

I think it’s unethical if TikTok is only doing it for certain demographics, like certain races and ages, and body types.

I think that would be a huge problem. 

But if it’s more like, Hey, we found these ABC creators, ABC businesses, and we’re doing this to get people to advertise and whatever. 

I don’t think that’s unethical. 

I think that that is their choice because it’s their business.

So, that’s like me.

I am a coach and consultant and I teach businesses how to market their businesses online using short-form videos and especially TikTok. 

Let’s just say I met Janet Jackson or whatever. 

I could easily say, well, Janet, I normally charge this amount of money to do this, but I will only charge you X amount and I will make sure that I give you all of these ways to go viral 

And we’ll get you to go viral and we’ll sell out your concert or whatever in exchange for you talking about me on all of your social media, talking about me in your videos and you’re doing whatever, that helps me get more clients. 

That’s not unethical. 

It’s my business and I can do whatever it is I wanna do. 

And the same thing goes for TikTok. 

TikTok can do whatever it wants to do.

It’s just unfortunate when you’ve got people that TikTok is not doing this too, that TikTok is not doing this for.

And so when we find out about it, it’s like, that’s a hot mess express. 

And so, nobody likes that. Nobody enjoys that. 

I know that, I don’t.

And so, I just say all that to say that yes, it is unfortunate that we are all experiencing that we’re all hearing about this TikTok heat map or what have you. 

And it’s unfortunate that a lot of us are not experiencing the benefits of this heat map, but do I think that it is a good thing that TikTok does this?

Yeah, I think that.

It’s a great way to get people onto the platform and all that type of stuff. 

Do I love the fact that it’s all being exposed? 


Because now we can understand why this happened here and why this has happened there. 

And I think that the more that TikTok is really called out on the carpet on their stuff and forced to disclose all the things that they’re doing and why they’re doing it’s gonna make it more of a safer space where people want to be on the app because everything is like fully disclosed.

And I think that the US government will be like, okay, obviously you can stay in the United States as long as we have these restrictions or whatever. 

So I just wanted to share that with you guys. 

Now, if you are somebody and you’re thinking, should I still get on TikTok?


Just because they’re not pushing a heat button to your content does not mean that you can’t reach your audience there.

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