Why Trends Work For Businesses On TikTok

Why Trends Work For Businesses On TikTok

Do you remember when TikTok was regarded as a platform for Gen-Z and younger millennials to share short, entertaining videos? 

That sentiment isn’t so popular anymore as more and more brands realize that TikTok is the hottest marketing tool in 2022. Yes, you read that right.

According to Hubspot Blog research, TikTok is the number one social media app that brands are increasing their investments in for 2022. 

So if you’re a business owner looking to grow your business and boost brand awareness, jumping on those TikTok trends might just be your surest bet.

Still not convinced? In this article, I have put together pretty good points on why using TikTok to promote your business can deliver awesome results. Keep reading.

Why Your Business Should Have a TikTok Account 

So it is established that TikTok is the hottest thing on the internet right now, not just for social media influencers but also for business owners. But why exactly does your business need a TikTok account? The answer is simple – organic reach and exposure.

There are over 1 billion active users on TikTok, and the app is expected to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022… That is a lot of people. 

With the right guidance for TikTok business and actively jumping on TikTok trends, you stand a better chance of getting more organic reach and making more money than on any other social media network. 

That’s because, unlike other social networks, TikTok is all about what’s trending. It doesn’t matter when you joined the platform or how many followers you have. Jumping on current trends and creating the right content around these trends can help you reach more people than you could ever imagine.

The more people who see your content, the more people get to know about your business. Every view, like, or comment may not always translate to a paying customer/client, but with the right TikTok marketing strategies, it will put your business out there and spread brand awareness.

Why Following TikTok Trends is Good for Business

TikTok is all about trends, and the algorithm is designed to give exposure by pushing trending content. These trends could be songs, sounds, hashtags, challenges, effects, or whatever else is blowing up. 

Now, it goes without saying that if you want your content to reach many users on the app, you should jump on the trends. 

Joining a trend will make your content more relevant and give your business more exposure to ensure that your marketing efforts achieve better results.

Here are a few reasons why you should follow TikTok trends

  • It gives your brand a personality

Unlike other social media platforms where brands are expected to maintain a certain level of professionalism, that’s not a concern brands on TikTok necessarily have to worry about. This is because TikTok is marketed as a place to embrace your fun and creative side – for individual creators and businesses alike. No one really expects you to take yourself too seriously on the app. 

Joining TikTok trends allows brands to show their businesses or products in a fun and interesting light. It allows you to relax and have fun with other TikTok users without the burden of maintaining a professional outlook.

  • Content has no shelf life on TikTok

Another thing with TikTok trends is that there is no shelf life for your content. What does this mean? On platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you will unlikely see posts that are more than a week old on your timeline. TikTok videos, on the other hand, have a 90-day shelf life. 

This means your posts could be three months old and still appearing on the For You (the TikTok feed) page of other users, actively garnering views, likes, comments, shares, and maybe even followers. And here’s the kicker, these users don’t need to be your followers to see your content on their feed. 

For example, in this TikTok video, I explain why you should never delete old TikTok videos, even the ones that don’t outrightly perform well. 

  • It increases your reach

As I mentioned earlier, the TikTok algorithm pushes content based on trends and interests, so you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to have an audience. TikTok will simply push your content to people with similar interests, making it easier for brands to get exposure.

  • Your target audience will find you

Also, regardless of how niche your products or business may be, joining trends will help you find your target audience faster than you could possibly imagine. 

From moms to book lovers to cosplayers to anime lovers to health and fitness enthusiasts to career coaches, there is a broad range of communities on TikTok with various interests. As long as you stay on those trends and post relevant content, your community will find you.

How to Find Trends on TikTok

Trends are the fastest way to get more exposure on TikTok, but it’s also important to get on those trends early enough while they are still relevant. Here are the best ways to find popular trends on TikTok.

  • Find Trends Around Current Events

Trends are hot topics. What’s the hottest topic on TikTok at the moment? What are other creators and brands talking about? What popular event is currently making the waves? Identify these hot topics or sounds, see how you can tie them to your brand, products, or values, and incorporate them into your content. 

  • Check the Discover Page for Trends

Another way to find trends is to check the Discover page – you can access the Discover page by tapping on the compass icon at the bottom of the screen. These trends are curated by TikTok and updated daily. They include popular and trending hashtags, sounds, songs, and effects. 

I also share some great trend alerts that you can take advantage of for your posts. 

However, it’s pertinent to note that a trend will likely be saturated by the time it makes it to the Discover page. 

It’s best to stay updated with up-and-coming trends so you know which ones will bring the most visibility and engagement for your business before they are saturated with videos.

Finding and participating in TikTok trends is not enough – bummer, I know. You have to make them unique to your business if you want to find success. As long as you are on top of the latest TikTok trends, reaching a big target audience and enhancing your social media reach and marketing results are achievable.