Why You Hating On Kylie

So Forbes recently published an article that Kylie Jennie at 21, is the youngest ever, self-made billionaire and folks is going crazy!!

No, that is not proper english, but that’s exactly how I feel.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that we should be encouraged and motivated by her success.

I don’t quite understand why people are picking a part HOW she earns her money, how it all started years ago.

But I am convinced that those hating on her, are too focused on her business to build their own!!

Today – I want to encourage you:

Read the article, take a look at her business, her social media accounts and KUWTK when it airs from a BUSINESS perspective. You could learn a thing or two…

You don’t  have to like or love them to GET YO LIFE from their marketing strategies!!


Read the article here.