#145 Why You Should Go After Brand Deals

There’s so much untapped opportunity waiting for you once you open your heart to the idea of brand deals. And in fact, adding brand deals to your plate can help you create a sustainable and profitable business that allows you to have the financial freedom you need to pursue your true desires and interests.

You don’t have to be an influencer to partner with brands and make money doing it! That’s why we’re talking all about what to look for in potential brand partnerships, how to make great content, and so much more.

You’ll gain insight into:

  • Keenya’s realization and motivation behind pursuing brand deals
  • What the right brand partnerships can do for you and your biz
  • The importance of not selling out along the way
  • Keenya’s tips on seeking out high quality partnerships and creating high quality content

You’ll walk away from this episode feeling motivated to go after brand deals that align with your values in an effort to increase your financial freedom.

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