Why you should never use #FYP on TikTok

Never use the #FYP in your TikTok videos. 


I know that people feel that this is an amazing strategy to get your video to have more views, go viral and all that. 

But that’s not the case. 

And today in this article, I’m gonna talk to you about why you should never use the hashtag FYP and what you actually should do.

So on TikTok,  FYP stands for Four You Page, and that is the page where you are seeing content of people that you don’t know. 

So there’s the following page where you see people that only you follow. And then there is the FYP. 

And so we all know that you can use different hashtags to target people, and there’s this rumor that if you use the hashtag FYP or hashtag for you or hashtag for you page, that your videos gonna go viral and be seen by more people.

Well, here’s the deal. When you create a piece of content on the TikTok platform, you have an idea who you want to see the content. 

Like if you are 50 years old, and the people that normally enjoy your content or your humor are in their forties, fifties, and sixties. 

Then the last thing you’re gonna wanna try to do is to get everybody in their thirties, twenties, and under watch your content, because we all know that the watch time is everything.

Meaning that your goal is to get people to watch your entire video, maybe even loop the video, and then comment, engage with you and follow you. 

Well, in that case, it’s really important for you to make sure that you are targeting your content to your particular audience.

Now, when you use the hashtag FYP, here’s what happens. 

When you use a particular hashtag, what you are telling TikTok is to send this piece of content to anybody that has used that particular hashtag. 

And then in my feed, when I’m scrolling, I want you to send me all the content of people that are using that same hashtag. 

So let’s just say you use the hashtag tacos. 

And you just use the hashtag tacos but what you’re gonna find out is that, you’re gonna start receiving content in your FYP feed of people talking about tacos or using a hashtag tacos. 

And you may say, “what is going on? Why is my feed looking like this?” 

You’re thinking that the algorithm is messed up. 

NO, it is what you are doing in your videos. 

So when you use the hashtag FYP, you have literally told TikTok, “send this video to anybody that has used the hashtag FYP or has interacted with content using the videos FYP, but also send all the FYP content to me on my FYP feed”

You do not want to do that, right?

It’s like I am a Marketing and TikTok strategist and so the people that we typically serve in my business are female coaches, female course creators. 

So I’m not gonna use the hashtag FYP because everybody is not gonna be interested in my content.

It’s gonna be female business owners, female business coaches, female course creators or things of that nature. 

And so when I’m using particular hashtags, I am trying to reach my intended audience. 

Sometimes I will talk about how I went through divorce and bounce back, and I want that content to reach divorcees. 

To encourage them, motivate them, and all the things.

And so I will use the hashtag divorce, divorce TikTok over 30, divorce over 40 or whatever. 

And then in the comments section of my video, then I will have all of these people commenting that have gone through divorce right now. 

That does mean that I’m gonna get content in my feed of divorce days, but I already know that.

Going on, if you’re wanting to get more views, more likes, comments and engagement from your right people, then using the FYP hashtag is not the way.

It’s just not the way! 


Just think about it. When’s the last time you used the hashtag FYP? And you’re looking at your feed like, “what is going on? Why do I have all this stuff in my feed?” 

It’s because you told the algorithm to send you all that stuff and that. 

I see people all the time on TikTok that say, TikTok algorithm. And I’ll look in their videos and I’ll see the hashtag FYP. 

I saw somebody like that a couple weeks ago and I commented and said, you’ve gotta stop using FYP.

If someone’s new on TikTok, they may not understand that, which is why I’m able to help you. 

So I hope that you have found this article valuable and that you will start using a marketing strategy to grow your account on TikTok.

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