You are holding YOU back

If you are going to be successful at life, business or relationship, you are going to have to deal with YOU! I don’t mean just tolerating who and how have always been, but sincerely doing some introspection into is how you are REALLY working for you.

I had a huge a ha moment a few years ago, when my ex husband was complaining about his mother. He said she was talking all about everyone else but couldn’t see that she was the common denominator. I totally blacked out, and was like OMG, he may not be talking ABOUT me, but he IS talking TO me. That was probably one of the hardest realizations of my adult life. To recognize that if the same things keep coming up over and over and over again, then at some point I was going to have to evaluate ME!

I started looking at friendships that failed, my financial position and even areas in our marriage where I may have blamed him vs taking ownership. IT WAS AWFUL!!

The more I searched myself, asked hard questions of me, my husband at the time and then close friends, I realized that many of the problems I was having in my life were my fault. NOT ALL – but definitely many.

Then I had a tough choice to make. I could STAY the way that I was and keep living the life that I was living, OR I could choose to go on a personal growth journey and get better in every area of my life SLOWLY!


It’s been over 6 years since I chose that journey and while I still have a ways to go, I am a much better person, friend, entrepreneur than ever. I am able to apologize A LOT faster than ever… I use to NEVER apologize, I can see my mistakes faster and clean them up and I am honestly offending less people because instead of speaking and then thinking, I think and then speak.

So today I want to challenge you, ask yourself some seriously hard questions like:

1.In what areas of my life are working great?

2. In what areas are not so great?

3. Ask your 3 closests friends for 3 areas where you are amazing and 3 areas you need some growth? Do not challenge them, just listen

4. Ask your family members the same thing

5. ASK JESUS the same and how he wants to help you?

6. Ask him do you need to go to counseling or pay for mentorship so you can grow in your weak areas.

Then – TAKE YOUR TIME! It’s not a sprint although because it FEELS awful, you are gonna wanna run to be perfect, but you will soon realize its impossible.

I believe in you friend! I want you to have everything you’re supposed to have and be exactly who you were created to be, we just have to stay on the personal growth journey or we become stagnant.