Season 3 EP: 45 – You don’t need deliverance you need therapy

Have you ever wondered about the profound impact that your childhood experiences have on your adulthood? 

Have you grappled with the significance of mental health and how it intertwines with faith and deliverance? 
That’s the heart of our conversation today on the ‘You, Me and Jesus’ podcast. 
We navigate through the intricate comparison between therapy and deliverance, unmasking the significance of unprocessed emotions and the harm they can potentially cause. We dismantle the taboos around mental health, unpacking why it’s essential to value and prioritize it. 

As a child growing up in a home shadowed by addiction, without a father figure, life was chaotic. 
This tumultuous upbringing deeply affected my relationship with food. In this journey of faith and self-discovery, I found myself leaning into therapy and deliverance counseling, which proved to be transformative and enlightening. 
My experience taught me the invaluable lesson of looking to God for help rather than depending solely on myself. 

Therapy is often misunderstood or undervalued, but it’s an instrumental tool in our spiritual and mental wellbeing. It has helped me develop effective communication, encouraging me to pause, gather my thoughts, and articulate them in a meaningful way. 

Don’t miss this enlightening episode, as we journey through a path of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

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