You Should Be Using Tik Tok

I know what you are thinking… “Isn’t that the dancing app for high schoolers?” Well yes, but sorta. A lot of high schoolers are on there dancing, but so am I!!! LOL CLICK HERE

At first I found Tik Tok to be seriously annoying and hard to understand until I watched some of my favorite online marketers not only build a large following on the platform, but use it to generate new followers and revenue. It was hard for me to grasp at first, until I hit 1,000,000 view on a simple video.

I decided to use a strainer to drain water from a pot in a different way, and I now have 1,200,000 views on the video and my follower count is increasing. In addition to that, the followers are clicking on my strategically placed instagram link and are choosing to follow me and some are opting into my email list.

See the video HERE. 

Yes it is a very DUMB video, but thats not the point. The point is, if you are building an online business, you should be using all of the free online tools you can to increase your followers. Sure you can sit back and watch other people do it, because you think its stupid and juvenile… but I’m telling you.

Thats a wrong move buddy!!!

Tonight I decided to do a FREE Webinar to walk you through some of Tik Tok to make it easier for you!!!


It’s TONIGHT at 4pm PST!! Don’t be late.