Your Brand Name Matters

When choosing a name for your brand its extremely important to always consider the possibility that someone may wanna give you $1 Billion dollars a few years down the line. People buy and sell businesses all of the time and so when you are starting this process you must have that in mind.

Choosing a brand name means when people call on the name of your brand for the next 10-20 years, its going to make them feel and think something.

Have you thought about that?

  • When they call on your brand name – what do you want people to feel and think?
  • What product or service do you want to come to mind every time someone says your brand name?

Also – if you are choosing to build a personal brand, which means one that requires you to be the face, have you thought about your name from a long term perspective?

I always talk to my female clients that are single desiring to be married. I ask if they have plans to change their last name, and if they say yes then we begin a detailed discussion.

If she chooses to brand her current full name and then takes her new husbands last night, at some point she is going to need to update her entire brand to match her new name.

For example, my name is Keenya Kelly Griffin, but because I desire to be married and will change my last name, my brand name is Keenya Kelly. It has gotten to the point where I forget that Kelly is my middle name and not my last name when I go to sign legal documents. LOL

Heck – my mom called me Keenya Kelly one day!

This is why I am so adamant about thinking about your business and brand long term BEFORE you build your brand so that you don’t invest a ton of  money now and have to reinvest again in the same stuff later on.

So ask yourself the most important question….

What name could I brand my company under that will sell easily, can be memorable to my clients and won’t have to change if I choose to get married and change my last name?!