Season 3 EP: 47 – Your Pastor Isn’t Perfect

Are your expectations of your pastors and religious leaders realistic? 
Have you ever stopped to consider their human side or the struggles they may be facing? 
Join me as we pull back the veil on the often-glossed-over reality of the imperfect nature of our spiritual leaders. 
Tune in as we debunk the myth of the ‘perfect pastor’ and embrace a fresh perspective of understanding, empathy, and appreciation for their work and sacrifices.

In this riveting conversation, we don’t just stop at pastors. 
We delve into the reality of all gifted individuals and leaders who, despite their talents, are not immune to life’s challenges. 
It’s time to permit them to be as human as everyone else, to stumble, fall, and rise again. We’ll also discuss the transformative power of self-awareness and how it can enrich your relationships. 
And for those yearning to enhance their spiritual journey, you won’t want to miss an intriguing glimpse into my upcoming course on how to hear God!

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