Let’s Have A Money Conversation

​So it’s Monday {{ subscriber.first_name }}, and if you are anything like me, there have been some highs and some lows today, but we are rocking and rolling into this new week!! I’ve been asking myself what are some of the ways I can better serve you, but also what do I think you are in […]

Starting A Business Part 2

Last week we started a Livestream series called Starting A Business. I understand that there are so many of you that work a full time job but you have this desire to turn your “thing” into an actual business. I mean, you see people blowing up on Etsy, Pinterest and YouTube, but you can’t see […]

Starting A Business Part 1

The idea of starting a business sounds extremely appealing, especially in todays digital world, but one of the things it doesn’t explain is just how tough it really is. When working a job you have one role typically, but when you start a business you will be responsible for more things you can even potentially […]

Fighting For Your Focus

I recently released a podcast episode where I talked about all of the distractions I have experienced while moving to California and starting this new normal of a life. Granted not all distractions are terrible, but the definition of a distraction is: a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. Some of […]