You Have To Learn This

So many new entrepreneurs have risen to the surface and  I am super excited about it. Its such a blessing to watch so many people take their financial futures into their own hands. The unfortunate thing is that many of the new entrepreneurs are lacking a few pieces of wisdom that I would like to […]

5 Friends Every Entrepreneur Needs

1. The Turn Up This friend refuses to talk about work and periodically forces you out the house to do karaoke, dance or whatever they know you could do for fun. 2. The Competitor They always help you set goals while they have their own and have healthy competition with you to achieve the goals. […]

You Should Be Using Tik Tok

I know what you are thinking… “Isn’t that the dancing app for high schoolers?” Well yes, but sorta. A lot of high schoolers are on there dancing, but so am I!!! LOL CLICK HERE At first I found Tik Tok to be seriously annoying and hard to understand until I watched some of my favorite […]

Email Marketing Is Alive

Jumping into 2020 I decided to do a 7 Day Email Challenge! Why? Social media is a great place to meet people, but it’s not a perfect place and advertising can be very costly. Recently, my instagram went down for two whole weeks. I couldn’t write anything, like or comment and the links in my […]