#205 Tips for how to manage your time

 Managing your time can be so challenging when there are so many things that need to be and other things that you just want to do… Like scroll on social media. But we have to develop the discipline of managing our time so that we are not causing issues for people waiting on things from […]

#204 What systems you need today?

If you don’t have systems in your business its going to be really hard to grow. When we launch into entrepreneurship, we want to have time and financial freedom, but you can not get that if you are the only person in your company that understands the ins and outs of things and there are […]

Mistakes to Avoid in Short Form Video Marketing

We have all made mistakes with short form videos. Like if I were to scroll back to my first videos on TikTok back in 2020, I would cringe. I hope nobody sees them. And I already know that you’ve got some videos out there and you’re like, “Oh God, just delete them” But today I […]

Tips for how to manage your time

Have you ever had super good intentions?  You’ve got to work and you are ready for the day, and then you get to TikTok or you get to Facebook, or you get to Instagram and you start scrolling and next thing you know, you have been there for an entire hour.  And you’re like, “where […]

Strategies to become more profitable

One of the things that I used to believe about making more money in my business was that I had to get brand new customers. That I always had to fill my pipeline with new customers in order to make more money. But that’s not actually the case now. It is important to constantly have […]

What systems do you need today?

If you don’t have any systems in your business, “oh my God, what are you doing?” Now, I know I’m saying this now, but years ago, I ain’t had no systems. So who am I to be condemning you about systems? But seriously? If you do not have systems in place in your business, it’s […]

#203 Is Fear Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals

Fear has the acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real, but if you have ever been paralyzed by fear you know how real it really feels.  In today’s episode I am sharing with you about all of the real fear that I have had in so many areas of my life and how even in the […]

3 Things Holding Your Business Back

Having success in your business or even in your life is gonna take a couple of different things. And a lot of times, what we do is we want a thing, like, I want to lose weight, I wanna make a bunch of money, I wanna have a great relationship. I wanna have whatever those […]

EP: 203 Is fear keeping you from achieving your goals

Fear is so paralyzing. I mean, fear will keep you from doing anything. Everything. I have had so many moments where fear has had me in a choke hold.  I know that sounds funny, but it is true! And you know exactly what I’m talking about. In this article I’m gonna talk about, asking yourself […]

Building a brand with short form video

If you’re not using short form video to build your business, this article is for you. Let’s talk about the fastest way to be able to grow your business on social media right now. Now, I know you already know this. I know you already know that TikTok, Instagram reels, Pinterest idea pens, YouTube shorts, […]