The Hero Brand Personality

Heroes are action-oriented, decisive, and determined to defeat any challenges in their way. Their mission is to empower and motivate their audience with intensity. They seek to break free of the status quo and go above and beyond their the competition. Heroes desire to have a strong impact on the world, whether that’s through power […]

The Innocent Brand Personality

  If you want to foster simplicity, ease, and optimism, you might be The Innocent! These brands use simple language to encourage humility and to see the good in everything. Innocents value peace, purity, and faith. They have a “rose-colored glasses” outlook on life. They look for the good in people, and they want to […]

The Jester Brand Personality

The Jester’s brand personality is fun, lighthearted, and appreciates a good joke. You can have fun even if you have a serious business, and the Jester loves to embrace that fact. They make sure that their people are enjoying life!  They put things in perspective using humor, and they always put their happiest foot forward. […]

The Leader Brand Personality

The Leader is like royalty – high-achieving, refined, and values excellence. Leaders are determined and strive to open people’s minds to new ideas. They want to have success and status as an example to those around them, so that their audience will aspire to reach for their goals and want to ascend to their level […]

The Lover Brand Personality

Lovers are in the business of experiences — making their customers feel cared for and conveying a passion for what they’re offering. They want their customers to be excited when they see their brand, and think, “I want what he/she has.”  They are confident in who they are and share their passion with their audience. […]

The Magician Brand Personality

Anything is possible through a Magician’s eyes! These types of brands have lofty goals and an intense faith that they CAN and they WILL achieve those goals. They are inventive and inspirational, telling their people that what they have to offer will transform their lives. Magicians know what their vision is, and they live by […]

The Outlaw Brand Personality

Outlaws are here to “stick it to the man.” They are rebellious, stir up controversy, and don’t care about having approval from anyone else. They are not led by usual social conventions, and their products interrupt the status quo and are disruptive. They are raw, candid, and brutally honest. They celebrate defiance and independence, and […]

The Regular Guy/Girl Brand Personality

The Regular Guy/Girl is like your friendly neighbor next door. This brand personality is relatable, realistic, and accessible to anyone. This is the total and complete opposite of luxury brands that make you think you’ve gotta be better or richer than anyone else to wear their product or use their product. They want you to […]

The Sage Brand Personality

The Sage is a scholarly mentor. They constantly gather information and knowledge to increase their experience and expertise. They share their research process and give the story behind the facts in an engaging way. They have strong self-reflection, and others appreciate them because of that. The Sage dislikes ambiguity or superficiality, and they are committed […]

3 Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Tiktok

People are dealing with lots of different fears about TikTok. I know that some of you are thinking, “I don’t wanna be on another social media platform,” but I know that you want to make more money in your business, which means you have to reach more people, so I’m gonna keep harassing you about […]